How the Brazilian Bikini Wax Conquered the 90s

For 25 years, the J Sisters, the mysterious Brazilian siblings who brought the Brazilian bikini wax to America had ruled the cosmetological cosmos. Their Manhattan salon had become a shrine to models, socialites, and Hollywood stars.

This woman’s scathing review of a pack of wax strips is on the verge of being pure poetry (Sep 2017), If they’ve had Brazilian waxes . still reeling over her experience with an at-home waxing kit. It all started when Hannah Scorer attempted to try some Boots Smooth Care Wax Strips to tidy up her bikini area — a move which turned out to be quite . 25% alike.

RISE OF THE BARBIE VAGINA (Sep 2017), Psychologist Emma Kenny explained: “Ten years ago, the Brazilian and Hollywood waxes weren’t popular . I’ve since bought string bikinis, 27% alike.

How These Notable Chicagoans Changed the Naughty Nineties on 11th of Sep 2017, where he witnessed a demonstration of “orgasmic meditation,” to the notorious sex scandals at the highest levels of politics in Washington D.C. 28% alike.

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