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Hedi Slimane has a knack for capturing the fashion moment. But can he speak to the feminist moment?

on 22nd of Jan 2018 What does this chapter in our culture look like, aesthetically? The 1960s were represented by the anarchic, free-form, sexually unbound look of miniskirts, love beads and afros. The excess and social stratification of the 1980s were well-depicted by power

9 Fashion Retailers On Life Support

on 22nd of Jan 2018 Despite the dire threats of a retail apocalypse, retailers pulled it out last year. The retail sector, excluding automobiles and parts, saw a 4.4% increase in 2018 over 2017, with nonstore, including ecommerce retailers setting the pace, up 10.4%.

Sterling K. Brown Just Bought Fashion Back To The Red Carpet

on 22nd of Jan 2018 When award season kicked off at the Golden Globes, Hollywood’s leading men and women chose to wear black in support with Time’s Up, the sexual harassment prevention initiative introduced earlier this month by some of the industry’s biggest names.

SAG Awards 2018 Red Carpet Review: Fashion Slinks Back, Sort Of

on 22nd of Jan 2018 The Golden Globes’ red carpet blackout may be over, but the blackout on discussing fashion isn’t. Glamour evoking the high-flying 1980s Dynasty and G.L.O.W. era dominated the red carpet at the SAG Awards on Sunday night, where Hollywood’s female stars

Blake Bortles appeared to be in tears after losing AFC title game in heartbreaking fashion

on 22nd of Jan 2018 The New England Patriots came from behind to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game. Blake Bortles outplayed Tom Brady for most of the game, building a 20-10 lead early in the fourth quarter. But when the game was over, CBS cameras

Traina Thoughts: Bill Belichick’s Fashion Choice Generates Hilarious Tweets

on 22nd of Jan 2018 2. Yesterday’s Jaguars-Patriots game generated a 27.3 rating. Last year’s Packers-Falcons game in the same timeslot pulled a 27.4 rating. The Vikings-Eagles blowout had 24.7 rating. Steelers-Patriots in that timeslot a year ago generated a 27.6. 3.

Willow Smith Attends Paris Fashion Week in the Coolest Eyeliner Look

on 22nd of Jan 2018 When she’s not tearing down music festival stages or fronting major fashion campaigns, Willow Smith is schooling everyone in the art of head-turning eyeliner. At just 17-years-old, the singer’s beauty evolution has hardly scratched the surface, yet she

Stars at Paris Fashion Week 2018

on 22nd of Jan 2018 Whether walking the runway or sitting in the front row, these celebrities hit Paris Fashion Week in style. Take a look to see who attended.

Don’t blame the ’80s for this latest fashion trend

on 22nd of Jan 2018 Okay, I’ll own up to parachute pants and Members’ Only jackets in the ’80s. And just admit it: We all enjoyed the designer jeans trend. But this latest fashion discovery is more horrifying than all those combined: A clothing company named JCRT has unveiled

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