This popular fitness blogger no longer posts bikini photos for a good reason

Instagram is overflowing with images of scantily clad models and fitspo bloggers in sports bras and bikinis, but you won’t find any more images like this on Sophie Grey’s feed, and for a very good reason.

The Powerful Reason Why This Instagrammer Says She’ll Never Post A Bikini Picture Again (Sep 2017), Instagram is filled with photos of fit women posing in bikinis, but you won’t see any from Sophie Gray anytime soon.

Powerful reason Instagrammer Sophie Gray says she’ll never share … on 11th of Sep 2017, Our Instagram feeds are perennially packed with photos of toned bikini shots and candid beach selfies. That’s OK when you’re about to go on holiday yourself.

Fitness blogger shares ‘real’ bikini snap – it goes viral for the BEST reason (Sep 2017), Bikini designer Karina Irby posted two side-by-side shots, with the one on the left being the raw, unedited photo whereas the picture on the right had been airbrushed to get rid of perceived “flaws”.

Plus-size woman posts naked photo – it goes viral for the best reason (since Aug, 2017), The image was only intended to be on her account for a few days, but due to it blowing up on the internet with photographers and agencies worldwide asking to sign her, she decided to leave it up.

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