After Irma, Florida’s mass exodus contemplates return trip

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Szymanski’s family helped make up one of the largest storm evacuation efforts in U.S. history, after Florida Gov. Rick Scott urged more than 6.5 million residents, one out of four of his constituents, to leave.

HURRICANE IRMA: US Navy dispatches carrier to help search-and-rescue operations in Florida Keys Sep 12th, 2017 06:05 UTC, The U.S. Navy dispatched the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and two other ships to the Florida Keys to help with search-and-rescue operations after Hurricane Irma slammed the region . were scenes of devastation. 27% alike.

‘It’s all gone:’ Florida residents regroup after Irma passes Sep 12th, 2017 00:38 UTC, Florida residents got a first look of the destruction Irma caused . they could carry after being forced to leave apartment buildings and mobile homes. Many were shaken by a storm they said was more powerful than they had ever seen. Only 24% similar.

What Florida roads look like after Hurricane Irma on 11th of Sep 2017, — FHPJacksonville (@FhpJacksonville) September 11, 2017 [Irma’s final phase: Flooding in the Southeast is biggest concern] Only 24% similar.

Irma Brings Floods, Tornado Risks As Tropical Storm Leaves Florida For Georgia Sep 12th, 2017 06:02 UTC, In Florida, Hurricane Irma has brought dangerous floodwaters, knocked out power to millions and turned human possessions into debris in the past 24 hours. Topping at 30%.

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