Florida School District That Blamed Third

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On Wednesday, the Sun Sentinel reported that the Palm Beach County School District is expected to approve a $3.6 million settlement of a 12-year-old lawsuit in which a group of girls (adults at this point)

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One Source, Florida school district to pay $3.6 million after blaming third-graders for being molested by teacher on 11th of Oct 2017, For more than a decade, a Florida School district maintained that four third-grade girls were responsible for allowing their teacher to sexually abuse them in the classroom.Palm Beach County Schools blamed third-graders who were molested Oct 12th, 2017 04:31 UTC, When a teacher molested four little girls in 2005, the Palm Beach County School District placed the blame squarely — on the third-graders . The parents of that child moved away from Florida and didn’t pursue criminal charges or a lawsuit until 2010.

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