Tribeca Film Festival Pulls Back Curtain On Shorts Lineup

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Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival: Sports Shorts, Sponsored by Mohegan Sun A ‘ producer Maria Cuomo Cole along with Sandy Hook surviving teacher Mary Ann Jacob, and Parkland, Florida student Ryan Deitsch. Moderated by actor & director John Slattery.

Watching: Maria Cuomo Cole, Sandy Hook, Ryan Deitsch. Moderated


Top Mind who says Michelle Obama is a man and that Sandy Hook parents and the entire town are "in on it" effectivily is sad about people lying about them on the internet
5 year old comment about Sandy Hook interchangeable with Parkland Shooting. Links going in comment section.
Sandy Hook went through a really drastic design change after the shooting.
Anybody who has survived probably a mass shooting (Columbine, Orlando, Sandy Hook, Orlando, etc.), how has your life changed since the shooting, how is your life now and additionaly what is your opinion on the survivors of the most recent Florida shooting speaking out and becoming gun control activists?
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