USF adjuncts vote overwhelmingly to unionize. ‘I didn’t know it was going to turn out this well.’

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Late Tuesday afternoon, the adjuncts in the van turned back toward Tampa, hoping to beat rush hour. It was spring break for USF, but some of them had a backlog of papers to grade or classes, at other schools, to teach in the morning.

USF adjuncts vote overwhelmingly to unionize. ‘I didn’t know it was going to turn out this well.’
Mar 14th, 2018 00:03 UTC ‘

USF adjuncts vote overwhelmingly to unionize. ‘I didn’t know it was going to turn out this well.’

It was still dark on Tuesday morning when a half-dozen adjunct professors piled into a big white van in the vacant parking lot of University Mall in Tampa. Ahead of them lay a four-hour drive and the imminent results of their monthlong campaign to unionize the adjuncts of the University of South Florida.

If every adjunct who’d vowed to mail a ballot followed through, then they had it in the bag. They’d even begun planning for celebratory beers at the Independent the next day.

But first, in the nondescript Tallahassee office of the Public Employees Relations Commission, they watched the ballots split into piles: NO. YES.

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: In union push at USF, adjunct professors strive for more respect and a living wage

USF officials have said a union will add costs and negate adjuncts’ flexibility. They’ve said that working through a third party, the Service Employees International Union, will make negotiations more difficult.


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