West Central Florida Forecast

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Cooler weather from a mild passing front will encourage kingfish … crab trap floats in the Gulf and swim buoys along the beaches or on channel markers in Tampa Bay and in the Gulf.

Florida faces heavy rain, with localized flood risk (Oct 2017), Less rain probability is expected in the Tampa and . stable weather and rise in temperatures. Showers will continue to affect portions of Florida and towards the end of the week other areas of the western Gulf Coast. Only 21% similar.

4 Things to Know About This Week’s Weather (Oct 2017), A potent dip in the jet stream, or upper-level trough of low pressure, is forecast . it appears central and southern Florida will see some of the higher rainfall totals. 29% alike.

South Florida could see warmer, drier winter than normal on 20th of Oct 2017, Normal temperatures are forecast for a thin swath of states from Indiana to Idaho. The big driver in the forecast is a La Nina weather event that is likely to develop next month. Only 23% similar.

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