Actors call for more black hairstylists in Hollywood

Stars including Gabrielle Union – who is best known for her role in the movie Bring It On – have been sharing their experiences of turning up to production sets to find the hairstylists are not capable of working with Afro hair.

Union urged fellow actors to speak up if they found themselves in this position, tweeting: “If you stay quiet, you will have bald spots, hair damage, look nuts.”

The America’s Got Talent judge explained on Twitter that in order to work on Hollywood productions, hairstylists and make-up artists need to be members of a particular union – which she says is “extremely difficult” and “expensive” to join.

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Black Actors Call Out Hollywood For Lack Of Black Hairstylists

Over the past few years, Hollywood has been embroiled in a discussion about diversity. While the calls for more directors, actors, and writers of color are starting to yield results, there’s one aspect of the business that still needs lots of work.

Recently, a few Black actors called out the film and television industry for its lack of Black hairstylists. While some may consider hair to be a minor issue, many Black actors have to either do their own hair or hope that the stylist the production has hired knows how to handle their afro-textured tresses. And sadly, most don’t.

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Black actors call on Hollywood to hire more stylists who are experts with Afro hair

The likes of Gabrielle Union and The View host Yvette Nicole Brown have shared their embarrassing experiences on production sets after all hairdressers on locations in the past were left clueless on how to deal with Afro hair.

Being Mary Jane actor Gabrielle urged her peers in the industry to speak up if they ever found themselves in an awkward position.

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And she is not lying there. If not dealt with properly ‘ with the correct techniques, products and equipment ‘ black hair can be left unredeemable or permanently damaged.

Some black stars even opt to bring their own pre-styled wigs to set rather than rely on a stylist to work on their actual tresses.

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Black actors urge Hollywood to hire hairstylists who know how to style their hair

Several actors have explained on Twitter how they often have to have their hair done externally before they start work, as otherwise a hairstylist with no experience of working with ethnic hair may make them look “crazy on screen”.

Malcolm Barrett, best known for starring in television series Timeless, outlined the financial impact this can have on black actors.

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Community actor Yvette Nicole Brown added it’s’not just their hair black actors have to frequently concern themselves with, but also their makeup.

“Many of us also bring our own foundation. One too many times seeing no shade that matches you will learn ya!”

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