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Stolen Facebook Employees’ Data Incident Questions Company’s Capability Handling Users’ Data
on 14th of Dec 2019 Banking information of Facebook employees was stolen through a car break-in Unencrypted hard drives contain Facebook employees’ bank accounts, names, last four digits of social security numbers, and

Al Jazeera is feuding with Facebook over a plan to label some outlets ‘state controlled’
on 14th of Dec 2019 Al Jazeera fears that labeling it as being editorially controlled by its government “will cause irreparable harm to the network.”

Thousands Of Misleading Facebook Ads Help Conservatives To ‘Crushing’ UK Election Victory
on 14th of Dec 2019 At the end of October, Twitter announced that it was banning political advertisements. The announcement came after its bigger rival Facebook ruled out the possibility of banning political ads on its

Stolen Facebook Hard Drives Jeopardize 29,000 Employees
on 14th of Dec 2019 Employees at Facebook could be in jeopardy of having their identities stolen. An employee within the payroll department had their vehicle broken into and the thief walked away with unencrypted hard

Reports: FTC may try to block Facebook from integrating apps
(Dec 2019) SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook’s stock dropped almost 3% in regular trading after news reports suggested that the FTC may take antitrust action to prevent Facebook from integrating its disparate messaging

Federal regulators are considering blocking Facebook from combining WhatsApp, Instagram and its other apps
(Dec 2019) The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering filing an injunction against Facebook that would bar it from further integrating its services.

Outpouring of support shared for Texas woman who was the subject of racist Facebook post
(Dec 2019) An East Texas mom is receiving an outpouring of love and support after an offensive Facebook post made by a Gilmer, Texas businesswoman. An East Texas mom is receiving an outpouring of love and

Facebook, Microsoft, AWS: We want you to take up the deepfake detection challenge
(Dec 2019) Facebook has announced the launch of the Deepfake Detection Challenge, an effort backed by several universities, AWS, and Microsoft. The organizations announced the challenge in September, committing

FTC could block Facebook merging WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram
(Dec 2019) According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the United States Federal Trade Commission is allegedly mulling over the idea of stepping in to stop Facebook from merging together too many of

Facebook Will Call Some Media “State Controlled.” Al Jazeera Says That’s “Dangerous.”
(Dec 2019) Government-funded news organizations worried they could be damaged by Facebook’s imminent plan to label content from state-controlled news organizations are furious at a process they say is opaque and

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