Amanda Clapham teases it might not be the end for Holly Cunningham following Hollyoaks exit

Amanda Clapham has bid farewell to her Hollyoaks character Holly Cunningham in an emotional exit alongside her co-star Sophie Porley.

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Talking to, Amanda spoke about her future plans and revealed that the door is still open if she ever wanted to come back.

She said: ‘It’s really nice of them to leave the door open. My relationships there have always been really strong and so it is a nice feeling leaving with that.

‘Returning isn’t something I’m thinking about now, but it’s nice of them to leave the door open.’

The actress then went on to joke: ‘Holly Cunningham has been played by other people before, so you never know what might happen, there could be a new Holly and Zack, but it is what it is.’

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