An EastEnders gay bar? I am worried

Ian Beale will end up on a microscooter, and then all will be lost ‘ EastEnders should not move with the times.

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Am I worried because the revenue potential for an EastEnders gay bar is extraordinarily low, given that there only tends to be one same-sex couple on the show every six or seven years, and their love is always full of torment and anguish, which doesn’t automatically lend itself to happy-hour fun times? Yes.

EastEnders is an illusion that resides in an alternate reality, and I’m worried that this attempt to reconcile it to the real world will destroy it. Because where does it stop? First there’s a gay bar, but then what? Will the street market get binned off in favour of a vegan farmers’ market? Will all the railway arches suddenly start to house artisan gin distilleries? Will most of the square get demolished so that an objectively evil property developer can construct a luxury high-rise full of ’20m apartments doomed to for ever sit empty because nobody can afford them.

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10 Things to Ponder on Ian Beale

This is a psychology test (There are no correct answers)

Dude, there was a few men walking in the rain with umbrellas just now. I'm serious. What you are about to read is not within our control. If there was ever a time to wonder about this. Now. Wonder about this now. NB: This is a Confused compilation.

If Ian Beale was a planet, would you like to take a SpaceX rocket to visit there?
Ian Beale , situations are better met with a touch of anticipation and surprise.
We did not need to ask whether Ian Beale can stay here. We do have our reasons.
There are another Ian Beale mentions of us on social media. Isn't that just awesome!
I've been told to love everyone the best you can. So you can love Ian Beale if Ian Beale could love you. Love is the answer.
What if Ian Beale was in charged of the running of the city. What will be the outcome.
We at Confused wanted to have an interview with Ian Beale . Ian Beale apparently agreed to nothing of the sort.
Some companies can create the truth. Ian Beale may know others who can create the truth even better. Now if only they wanted Ian Beale to.
Do not think this is written in stone. Ian Beale has written it on their computers
Some people get married. Other people get divorced. Ian Beale has no comment on this at the moment. You may need to write a petition.