Are Nancy and Tamwar returning to EastEnders for their wedding?

Nancy Carter and Tamwar Masood have been mentioned in Albert Square a few times of late, in the wake of the news that they’re getting married.

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The pair were last seen in the show in 2016, but we’ve learned their nuptials are set to take place offscreen in Australia and are tied in with Masood’s exit storyline, as he receives the invite to the big day.

Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is one Walford wedding, preparations included, which will be taking place offscreen ‘ with no plans for either of them to return, not even via Skype.

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Not to change the topic here:

EastEnders’s Zainab Masood and Nancy Carter FINALLY come face-to-face

Zainab Masood hasn’t been seen on our screens since 2013, following the breakdown of her marriage with Masood.

And, in scenes aired shortly before the wedding of her daughter, Shabnam, it was shockingly revealed that Zainab wanted to cut all ties with her family.

However fans have been busy dreaming up a scenario where the Masood matriarch would finally return to Albert Square – if only so she could express her disapproval over the fact that her son, Tamwar (Himesh Patel), is dating Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill).

Well, for fans of the soap, we got a sneak-peek at how that meeting might go down during a hilarious episode of The One Show.

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