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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Slated to Discuss Regulation
on 25th of Jun 2019 Facebook (FB – Get Report) CEO Mark Zuckerberg is slated to discuss a variety of issues facing his company and the internet Wednesday in an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Zuckerberg will speak

The fears over Facebook’s cryptocurrency
on 25th of Jun 2019 The June 22 editorial “Is the world ready to bank with Facebook?” worried that the Libra Association, which would oversee Facebook’s proposed digital currency, could change the currency basket that

Facebook tests controls that turn off those angry red notification dots
on 25th of Jun 2019 The company is testing the ability to turn off the distracting feature. Red may be an attention-grabbing color, but too much of it can trigger anxiety. You might soon see a lot less of the hue on

Instagram head denies widely-held belief that Instagram and Facebook listen in through smartphones
on 25th of Jun 2019 An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. The word “in”. A stylized letter F.

3 Ways Facebook Must Address Illicit Financing With Its New Cryptocurrency
on 25th of Jun 2019 In 2020, Facebook’s new subsidiary, Calibra, will begin operating a blockchain-based marketplace ecosystem, fueled by the new Libra digital token. The Calibra digital wallet is supposed to enable

Facebook may let you turn off obnoxious in
on 25th of Jun 2019 Facebook is making an effort to make its countless eyeball-grabbing elements less distracting with a new test of notification customization. According to app researcher and reverse-engineering expert

How to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook, whether you’re on desktop or mobile
on 25th of Jun 2019 Autoplaying videos on Facebook can be great if you’re in the mood to conk out in front of a screen for a little while. But they can also be annoying — they can use up your data, play loud noises, and

10 things you didn’t know you could do on Facebook
on 25th of Jun 2019

With 1.56 billion people logging on every day, Facebook is by far the biggest social networking site in the world. Whether you only occasionally dip in to the .

It’s all kicking off as Nick Clegg defends Facebook against Remainer ‘conspiracy theory’
(Jun 2019)   The Canary

The data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) has been accused of influencing the 2016 US election (although some claim its impacts have been .

Facebook babies: Online sperm donor search sparks warning
(Jun 2019)   BBC News

Fertility clinics say women taking to social media to find donor sperm are at risk.

Lloyds’ offshore banking problem, Facebook’s Libra and US stress tests
on 25th of Jun 2019   Financial Times

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss Lloyds Bank and its offshore banking problems, the latest on the regulatory tests facing Facebook’s Libra initiative, and how .

Facebook gets Brazil fine over WhatsApp data cut to $6 million
on 25th of Jun 2019   Euronews English

By Gabriela Mello SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Facebook Inc’s fine for withholding WhatsApp messages from a drug-trafficking investigation in Brazil should be .

The obscure London startup that made Facebook’s Libra possible
(Jun 2019)

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How Israeli spies are flooding Facebook and Twitter
on 25th of Jun 2019   The Electronic Intifada

“Grassroots” Israeli influence campaign actually run by intelligence veterans.

How a team of German antitrust wonks plans to break up Facebook’s data monopoly
(Jun 2019)

Few German bureaucrats have offices as lavish as Andreas Mundt’s. As the president of the nation’s Federal Cartel Office, or Bundeskartellamt, Mundt works .

Why People Pretend To Be Boomers In Facebook Groups
on 25th of Jun 2019   Pedestrian TV

In the broken halls of Facebook, a handful of groups are bringing back aspects of yesteryear that the digital world has sadly surpassed, latching on to nostalgia .

Amazon’s Ad Business Will Trail Only Google, Facebook by 2023
on 25th of Jun 2019   Fortune

The Google-Facebook duopoly dominating the digital ad market is about to get company. Amazon is expected to pull in $40 billion in annual ad revenue by .

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