Coronation Street fans fear for Mary in factory collapse as she appears in first look at scenes

A well-loved character is due to die when the factory roof collapses and this appears to be the first insight into the dramatic moment A behind-the-scenes image shared by the soap shows the character,

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CORONATION Street fans are concerned for Mary Taylor after she appeared in what appears to be the first look at the factory collapse.

A behind-the-scenes image shared by the soap shows the character, played by Patti Claire, standing by the Underworld factory ‘ with an ambulance and paramedic nearby.

* * *

Patti has played Mary on the soap for the last ten years and has recently been involved in dramatic scenes with her secret son Jude (Paddy Wallace), who is a compulsive and manipulative liar.

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Not to change the topic here:

Corrie’s Audrey is left devastated over Lewis in 34 new pictures

As Kate is rekindling her connection with her ex-girlfriend Imogen, Rana decides to follow them into town and declare her love.

* * *

Has she been right about Lewis all along? It seems so, as Audrey later discovers that the ‘80,000 from Archie has disappeared from her account.

* * *

Who bought it? Where will he put it? Is it fit to sail the seas? Just a few of the questions we’re guessing are going through his mind.

Carla is behind the gift, wanting to give Peter some fresh purpose. It works when Peter makes plans to restore the boat to its former glory and go sailing in the Caribbean.

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First look at Idris Elba as struggling DJ in new Netflix comedy series

Idris Elba looks a world away from his Luther alter-ego in first-look pictures from new Netflix comedy series Turn Up Charlie.

The actor portrays Charlie, a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor, who reluctantly becomes a male nanny ‘ or a ‘manny’ ‘ to his famous best friend’s wild child daughter, Gabby.

One image shows Elba’s character performing at an event with a red wine stain on his shirt, while another sees him standing next to Gabby, played by Frankie Hervey.Idris Elba in Turn Up Charlie (Netflix/PA)

It marks a change from his best-known character as DCI John Luther in BBC One’s gritty crime drama, which returned for a fifth series this week.

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Preview of tonight’s double Coronation Street – Mon 29 Aug

Grassing them up? They ought to be fired! Watching a film when being trusted to get on with the job they’re paid to do? I find it difficult to believe most of the Faktry Girls would do this (okay, Beth and maybe Sean, but not Sally, Fizz or Izzy. And Eva is Aidan’s partner!)

It’s all about Maria recently – new friends, su’er ‘o’ular, if only Samia could act it might be worthwhile 😉 – and don’t get me started on her inability to cry convincingly!

Where’s my comment gone this time?!The Faktri staff skiving in Johnny’s absence is just ridiculous. It’s more like the behaviour of schoolchildren if they are left unattended. In Jenny’s place I’d probably report them too.