Coronation Street fans in hysterics over THIS Gail Platt scene: ‘Such a legend!’

Coronation Street viewers were seriously amused during last night’s show as Gail Platt turned detective in hilarious style.

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The Weatherfield stalwart ‘ played by Helen Worth ‘ decided to do some investigating after suspecting that mum Audrey Roberts’ love interest Lewis Archer had been up to no good.

To get to the bottom of it all, Gail took the former conman’s diary from his jacket pocket and discovered that he’d written ‘D-day ‘ Dominican Republic’ in one day.

* * *

Gail’s investigations hit a few bumps though ‘ firstly she got slightly tipsy in the bar on three glasses of champagne before following Lewis (Nigel Havers) and his companion as they went to a room in the hotel, and then she sneakily tried to take a picture on her phone ‘ which came out blurry.

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Coronation Street’s Helen Worth fears the chop after 42 years on the cobbles

The actress made her debut as Gail Platt in 1974 but admitted behind the scenes changes made her nervous

* * *

The 65-year-old actress has appeared on the cobbles since debuting as Gail Platt in 1974, but the veteran is still worried she could be axed despite her four decades on the ITV programme.

Speaking to Daily Star Sunday regarding new producer Kate Oates and possible changes, she said: “You do get nervous. It’s new beginnings. You’re in their hands.

“In fact they are a very important part of our programme. I’ve no idea how long I’ll be on the show. Let’s just see.”

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Eileen must’ve gotten into that same Koolaid as Gail and jumped aboard the idiot train…can’t stand watching her and Phelan.

I can’t help thinking that they have changed Eileen’s character to fit the storyline rather than vice versa. Maybe she would not have believed Anna’s version, but to hear the same from Izza and still ignore all the warning signs? Eileen has dated enough lousy men that surely she would think twice before getting involved with a man like Phelan. Heck, wasn’t she the first to warn Liz about Tony – even though they hadn’t dated in years?? I’m not buying it. I’m not crazy about the Rana/Zeedan storyline either – too rushed – obviously Rana has an ulterior motive and all is not as it seems, but at least it gives the Nazirs an opportunity to be on screen. same with the O’Driscoll’s/Marta bit – probably won’t end well.


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