Coronation Street spoilers: Kate Connor and Rana Nazir propose to each other

Coronation Street has confirmed that there is a double proposal ahead for loved up couple Kate Connor and Rana Nazir.

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Coronation Street has confirmed that there is a double proposal ahead for loved up couple Kate Connor and Rana Nazir. Rana has been away on a cruise (possibly the longest cruise ever, we don’t know) buy Kate makes plans to pop the question when she finally docks.

There may have been some significant tension between them before Rana headed off but thankfully they made peace with their issues and Rana’s absence has led to Kate deciding that she wants to make a real commitment.

Rana clearly has the same idea as brand new pictures revealed on the Coronation Street website show the women looking surprised as they both present engagement rings in the Rovers. needless to say, given they both have the same idea, the answer is going to be yes.

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Coronation Street’s Rana Nazir and Kate Connor propose to each other before baby plan next week

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Coronation Street spoilers: Kate Connor reveals plans to propose to girlfriend Rana Nazir

But fans of the popular couple can get excited again as Rana’s girlfriend, Kate Connor, reveals she has some an exciting plan for Rana when she returns to Weatherfield soon.

Bistro worker Kate joyfully tells her step-mum Jenny Connor that she’s planning to pop the question to Rana when she gets back. But what will Rana say?

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Speaking about the possibility of a huge soap wedding for the pair, Faye Brooks who plays Kate said: “I would love a big gay Corrie wedding! I tell the writers that on the set.

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And Bhavna Limbachia who stars as Rana feels the same, adding: “Rana and Kate have been through so much and faced so many hurdles that I hope the end goal to be together can be realised.”

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