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Coronation Streets Behind The Scenes Pics Reveal Who Survives Factory Collapse

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(some months now) During the “Tonight Show” segment, Singh reassured Coronation Street have released some behind-the-scenes pics that reveal who survives the factory collapse. The Underworld roof will come crashing

Coronation Street spoilers: Bosses reveal these characters WON’T die in shock factory roof collapse
(Mar 2019) In a sneak preview post shared on Coronation Street’s official Twitter account, Shona Ramsey can be seen working in Roy’s Rolls. Take a look behind the scenes . ll start to reveal that it’s not.” He

Coronation Street’s James Burrows hints that he’ll be leaving the soap
(Mar 2019)

Coronation Street’s James Burrows, who plays Ali Neeson who recently had an absence from the ITV soap, has hinted that he will soon be leaving.

Coronation Street actress and MasterChef champion head to food festival
(since Feb, 2019)   East Durham News

Actress Jennie McAlpine and BBC MasterChef Champion 2018 Kenny Tutt will demonstrate their favourite recipes at one of the region’s most popular food .

Accusations fly over Coronation Street’s factory collapse
(Mar 2019)

Coro’s latest disaster is the start of a major whodunit for the show.

Coronation Street’s Tim cheats on wife Sally with Gina
(some months now)

Coronation Street viewers have been left worried after tonight’s episode (December 21) implied that Tim Metcalfe had cheated on Sally with Gina.

Coronation Street spoilers – Tyrone Dobbs turns against Evelyn Plummer
(many weeks now)

Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs threatens to cut ties with his grandmother Evelyn Plummer after hearing the truth about his past.

Coronation Street spoilers – Gary Windass could be the next big villain
(since Feb, 2019)

Coronation Street offers a possible new hint to the identity of its next big villain next week.

Coronation Street spoilers – Richard Hawley reacts to Johnny’s hit and run decision
(some months now)

Coronation Street’s Johnny Connor has sacrificed himself to save his wife Jenny in the aftermath of Liz McDonald’s hit and run.

Coronation Street’s Peter Gunn woke up in cold sweats over Brian Packham’s Christmas storyline
(months ago)

Coronation Street star Peter Gunn has said he woke up in cold sweats over character Brian Packham’s Christmas storyline.

Corrie’s Sinead to be left devastated on Christmas Day
(some months now)

Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker will be left heartbroken when she overhears her husband Daniel make a sad confession on Christmas Day.

Coronation Street – Here’s why you might recognise Sean’s new friend Carol
(months ago)

Coronation Street fans were introduced to newcomer Carol for the first time last night (August 1), but actress Emma Hartley Miller has actually been in the show .

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