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Coronation Streets Beverley Callard Begging Bosses To Bring Back Her On

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Coronation Street’s Andy McDonald could return after Beverley Callard begs bosses to bring him back
(Jan 2019) Andy McDonald hasn’t been seen on the street since . she is desperate for her on-screen son Andy to return to Weatherfield. Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Beverley revealed: “I told Ian the

Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard on her new role in the Rocky Horror Show
(Jan 2019) Coronation Street legend, Beverley Callard . talking about her nerves. The role of the narrator is being played by various actors across the tour, including comedian Dom Joly and TV presenter Alison

Coronation Street star reveals the BIZARRE plot that may be in store for Liz and Jim McDonald
(months ago) Beverley Callard, who plays Liz, reveals she recently heard a rumour that writers were planning to bring Jim back . Coronation Street bosses that this dark storyline is a go-er for 2019 – in fact, t

Coronation Street spoilers – Tyrone Dobbs turns against Evelyn Plummer
on 21st of Jan 2019

Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs threatens to cut ties with his grandmother Evelyn Plummer after hearing the truth about his past.

Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien reveals secret struggle with post-natal depression
(Jan 2019)   AOL UK

Coronation Street actress Tina O’Brien has revealed her secret struggle with post-natal depression after the birth of her daughter Scarlett. The star spoke of ‘dark .

Coronation Street’s Tim cheats on wife Sally with Gina
(months ago)

Coronation Street viewers have been left worried after tonight’s episode (December 21) implied that Tim Metcalfe had cheated on wife Sally with Gina Seddon.

Coronation Street’s Peter Gunn woke up in cold sweats over Brian Packham’s Christmas storyline
(many weeks now)

Coronation Street star Peter Gunn has said he woke up in cold sweats over character Brian Packham’s Christmas storyline.

Corrie’s Sinead to be left devastated on Christmas Day
(months ago)

Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker will be left heartbroken when she overhears her husband Daniel make a sad confession on Christmas Day.

Has Coronation Street’s Jude Appleton left for good?
(some months now)

Coronation Street left viewers with questions over whether they’d seen the last of scheming Jude Appleton on Wednesday (October 24), after his lies finally .

Coronation Street – Here’s why you might recognise Sean’s new friend Carol
(months ago)

Coronation Street fans were introduced to newcomer Carol for the first time last night (August 1), but actress Emma Hartley Miller has actually been in the show .

Coronation Street – why Jim McDonald’s return plot is a mistake
(months ago)

Coronation Street kicked off two new autumn plots this week with the big reveal of Jim McDonald’s vengeful plan and the introduction of Tyrone Dobbs’s .

You won’t believe which two Corrie stars are related
(months ago)

In a special investigative programme airing on ITV tonight (September 5), the cast of Coronation Street agreed to have their DNA tested to discover their ancient .

Coronation Street spoilers – Tim discovers Gina has feelings for him
(some months now)

Coronation Street’s Gina Seddon will be forced to think of a cover plan when Tim Metcale rumbles her feelings for him next week.

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