Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent looks very different with a new pink hairdo

Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent looks a world apart from Sophie Webster as she shows off her more daring new look.

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Brooke, who has played Sophie on the ITV soap since 2004, shared a photo of herself with a brand new pink hairstyle on Instagram, captioning it: “When @hairarvina @nealeyleah sprinkle you with a little pink for Halloween! Pink hair don’t care.”

Her fans were loving her new style, saying that the new pink hair and her black fringed Halloween dress suit her down to the ground.

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Sharing a photo of the brand’s logo on Instagram, Vincent wrote: “F I N A L L Y… Let me introduce you to my very own, OH SO B.

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“As far as I know it keeps going. I love working alongside Stirling, she’s lovely and fits well alongside our family,” she said. “I love Stirling and the character is really different to anyone [Sophie]’s ever been out with, so I really enjoyed it.”

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Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent rocks a bright pink wig as she enjoys night out in Manchester

And Brooke Vincent was letting loose on Saturday evening, partying at Toy Box club in Manchester with her pals.

The Coronation Street star sported a dramatically different look, showing off a bubblegum pink hairdo.

Brooke dared to be different with her poker straight locks, matching her pastel make-up to her new wig from Hair Arvina.

She donned a sheer black blouse teamed with a statement fringed skirt, flashing her polka dot bra underneath the top.

The soap favourite embraced the Gothic look by donning a pair of pointed silver ankle boots and accessorising with a coordinating clutch bag.

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