Coronation Street’s Mary Taylor left devastated after being conned out of ‘500 by evil ‘Ken Barlow’

The popular character is to be rinsed of more money by her own compulsive liar son as he poses as a marine biologist and orthopaedic surgeon The soap favourite, played by actress Patti Clare, 42,

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CORONATION Street’s Mary Taylor is to be left devastated once again in the coming days by the fake Ken Barlow.

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Her boy, compulsive liar Jude, will demand ‘500 from her in scenes set to air next week as he uses a false identity, posing as Dr Ken Barlow in the soap.

At first, Mary will head to a Blackpool bed and breakfast with Roy Cropper where she hopes to be reunited with her son Jude.

But, upon meeting her, Jude, who is pretending to work as a marine biologist, tells her: ‘You better get as much as you can. I might have run up a few extras. I was too embarrassed to check out the final amount.’

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Trouble ahead for Deirdre after Ken kisses Stephanie Beacham’s new Corrie character

When Ken and Deirdre Barlow married for the second time in four years ago, some predicted it wouldn’t last.

Twenty five years after Deirdre cheated on her husband with Mike Baldwin, it looks like Ken may be getting his own back.

The Coronation Street stalwart, 69, is set to rock his marriage to chain-smoking Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) when he kisses newcomer Stephanie Beacham’s character Martha Fraser.

Secret affair: Ken Barlow (Bill Roache) kisses Martha Fraser (Stephanie Beacham) after telling her he’s a widower

Ken (Bill Roache) strikes up a friendship with Martha after she helps him rescue his mother-in-law Blanche’s dog Eccles when the pooch slips into the Weatherfield canal.

Peru drugs mule Michaella McCollum claims pair’s cover was blown after ‘blazing row’ on bus

The 23-year-old, who was recently released from prison, said: ‘Everyone on that bus must have known what we were doing. We were shouting about smuggling drugs’

Drugs mule Michaella McCollum claims the Peru Two’s cover was blown after a “blazing row” on a bus ahead of their attempted cocaine smuggle.


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