EastEnders fans are convinced Ray Kelly is still alive after noticing this error

After Hunter shot Ray in the chest, he and his mum, Mel, searched throughout the surrounding woodlands to find the bullet shell. They then buried him in the forest.

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But eagle-eyed’EastEnders’fans are convinced that Ray Kelly is still alive after they noticed a bizarre detail.

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Fans quickly became convinced that Ray was still alive after they noticed he was still breathing, taking to Twitter to point out the awkward error.

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Bruv you can see Rays’s breathing, can see his chest rising and falling when they was looking for the shells ‘ #EastEnders

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Ray is quite clearly still alive and is gunna come back to the square. I can’t be the only one that saw he was clearly still breathing after being shot??? #EastEnders

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10 Things to Ponder on Ray Kelly

This is a psychology test (There are no correct answers)

It should be outside in the snow. It's safe. I wrote hide me on the back. What you are about to read is not within our control. Don't judge a work of literature by its use of unexplained commas, NB: This is a Confused compilation.

It has been a little hot, but not much rain this past 3 weeks, Ray Kelly . But you never know, it can rain so hard and later on the sun will be out.
I thought you guys were getting a lot of rain near Ray Kelly .
Ray Kelly was about to send a txt reminding to e-mail the item, that was about two months, so when I saw your e-mail I was exited thinking it was time.
Ray Kelly haven't been involve much in about 44 years.
I was starting to hate this, because people gossip about Ray Kelly and it makes me mad.
I wish people understood that there are people like Ray Kelly that can do nice things for others with good intentions.
Not because Ray Kelly or somone want something in return. One of my co-workers n I bought a small ice cream cake for one of the guys.
Ray Kelly and I found out that people were saying that I liked Ray Kelly and wanted, you know.
Seriously, why are people like that and how does this even work, Ray Kelly ?
We just did it because Ray Kelly can be nice and a hard worker and no one seems to ever do something nice anymore.