EastEnders: How old is Sharon Mitchell?

EastEnders’ Sharon Mitchell is taking centre stage in one of the show’s biggest stories at the moment, having just found out that she’s pregnant.

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Sharon, played by Letitia Dean, made the shock discovery in last night’s episode ‘ weeks after she briefly reignited her affair with Keanu Taylor.

Sharon’s baby bombshell came just as Keanu was reuniting with her step-daughter Louise, who is also pregnant, sparking a brand new chapter in the already-complex story.

Over the next few episodes, viewers will see Sharon struggle to come to terms with her pregnancy, which has been even more unexpected given her age and history of fertility issues.

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EastEnders: How old is Sharon Mitchell?

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Sharon’s baby to be born during EastEnders 35th anniversary episode?

That shocked face says it all ‘ tonight’s EastEnders cliffhanger saw Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) realise that she’s up the duff-duff as she stared open-mouthed at the results of a pregnancy test. But when will her baby be born? And who is the father: husband Phil or toy boy lover Keanu?

Monday’s episode of the BBC1 soap abounded with baby news: first, Louise told Keanu that she hadn’t had a termination and was still expecting his child. EastEnders : How old is Sharon News EastEnders: How old is Sharon Mitchell? Digital Spy (UK) on MSN.com 3 hours ago EastEnders ' Sharon Mitchell is taking centre stage in one of the show's biggest stories at the moment, having just found out that ... Then came the shock reveal that Sharon too is in the faaaamily way, something which, considering her fertility history, is borderline incredible. How old is Sharon in EastEnders and who is the father of her baby? Metro 21 hours ago Matters in the Mitchell household are about to become even more complicated after Sharon unexpectedly discovers that she’s ... What fans have yet to find out, though, is whether Keanu is a dad-to-be twice over.

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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell’s infertility storyline revisited as her pregnancy is confirmed in shock

Sharon Mitchell was nothing short of stunned in EastEnders last night when she took a pregnancy test that turned out to be positive.

It’s not just a shock because she’s 48 years old and towards the end of her child-bearing years, but also because she believed she was infertile and her son Dennis nothing short of a miracle. Sharon Watts - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ Sharon_Watts Sharon is one o f EastEnder s ' original characters, appearing in the first episode broadcast on 19 February 1985. The character was conceptualised by Tony Holland and Julia Smith, the creators of EastEnders . Sh aron was a teenager when the programme began: the adoptive daughter of Den and Angie Watts. So what’s the story with Sharon? Let’s remind ourselves’

Back in 2001, she revealed to Phil ‘ who she’d just rekindled a romance with ‘ that she was infertile due to an abortion she’d had when she was married to his brother, Grant back in 1995.

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EastEnders viewers upset as Sharon Mitchell discovers she’s pregnant

Fans of BBC’s EastEnders are not happy after it was revealed in last night’s episode (Monday June 10) that Sharon Mitchell is also pregnant.

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Sharon ended the affair with the mechanic and the same day, Louise and Keanu’s brother Keegan broke up. Both heartbroken, Louise and Keanu ended up sleeping together in the Arches.

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When Keanu returned, Phil paid him to keep an eye on Louise, worried that some men may be after him and the family, but Keanu eventually started to fall for Phil’s daughter.

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Father of Sharon’s baby on EastEnders ‘confirmed’ ahead of kidnap horror

EastEnders’ latest baby twist sees Sharon Mitchell discover she’s pregnant after a fling with Keanu Taylor

But it appears the identity of the real father may have been let slip, despite predictions it would be a ‘who’s the daddy’ storyline.

Keanu’s reunion with girlfriend Louise Mitchell, Sharon’s stepdaughter, dropped the bombshell that she was still pregnant, after initially claiming to had had a termination.

Now, it’s been revealed to viewers that Sharon is also pregnant, leaving their affair secret under threat.

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But while teasing Phil’s potential reaction to finding out about the affair, she appeared to confirm the baby’s father.

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