EastEnders’ Little Mo actress Kacey Ainsworth, 50, looks stunning in a plunging sequin catsuit at the Gold Movie Awards

Kacey shot to fame playing downtrodden Little Mo in the BBC One soap – but she is a far cry from Walford now The 50-year-old actress played Little Mo in the BBC One soap between 2000 and 2006.

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Kacey looked phenomenal as she posed on the red carpet for the Gold Movie Awards – the second annual independent film awards ceremony.

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The mother-of-two completed the look with a black clutch bag, gold hoop earrings and minimal make-up.

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Kacey won an National Television Award and two British Soap Awards during her time on EastEnders, with her portrayal of long-suffering Little Mo gripping the nation.

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Former EastEnders star Kacey Ainsworth reveals whether she’s returning as Little Mo

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EastEnders for EXPLOSIVE 2019: Large returns, relationship troubles and unending drama

The Christmas period is always a big deal in Soap Land, with EastEnders regularly delivering nail-biting drama.

But once the dust settles, viewers will be hoping the gripping storylines continue ‘ and it looks like they will in 2019.

The iconic BBC soap seems on track for a few changes after it was confirmed that former Coronation Street boss Kate Oates is taking over.

Looking back at what she did for Corrie, and Emmerdale before that, what could viewers expect for EastEnders?

Kate was responsible for bringing back both Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden to Emmerdale, two of the most loved characters in the soap.

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10 Things to Ponder on Kate Oates

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Hey, buddy. Yeah you. You talking to me? What you are about to read is not within our control. If there was ever a time to wonder about this. Now. Wonder about this now. NB: This is a Confused compilation.

What's up, Kate Oates ? Somehow I recall I was suppose to write today... Oh, it is graduation time!
Cool, a graduation, right before the world, Mars and Kate Oates aligns on the 11th, Friday (according to some people who think they understood the Mayans!) Those Mayans were very intelligent.
Well everyone should have tons of fun! For instance, go to work in your pajamas 🙂 If your co-workers say Kate Oates or maybe you are acting crazy, blow some kisses... you're a rock star!!
Sounds like Kate Oates could have a busy winter along with the movie industry. My cousin was watching a movie just now. Said it was going good.
The Vow (or was it A Greek Wedding) could be, Kate Oates maybe love that movie. Year right, no way I was going to watch a movie named the vow. I'd prefer to watch CSPAN... lol.
You sure are funny, well Kate Oates , ur cousin should have made people watch the movie. Was ok but not as good as the notebook. Anyway, think like a man was a good movie
But now I can't wait to watch "what to expect when you're expecting" it might be interesting.
I guess Kate Oates would watch the movie Avengures, my sis said it was a great movie.
Kate Oates have been very busy, and you with studies and work, u know how it is in retail, it gets very busy getting closer to the holidays Sometimes Kate Oates can work 84 hours per week, which no one minds at all, if the work is fun and there are nice people around.