EastEnders’ Little Mo actress Kacey Ainsworth looks unrecognisable as she hits the red carpet in glamorous ensemble

EastEnders actress Kacey Ainsworth was worlds away from Walford as she hit the red carpet in a glamorous display on Thursday.

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The 50 year old, who has been absent from our screens for over 10 years after starring on the BBC soap from 2000 to 2006, hit the red carpet at the Gold Movie Awards in London this week.

Rocking a sequin jumpsuit, the actress looked worlds away from her character as she donned nude stiletto heels to pair with the plunging ensemble.

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Kacey paired the look with large gold hoops earrings and minimal makeup as she posed for cameras at the star-studded event.

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10 Things to Ponder on Kacey Ainsworth

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You do know, Kacey Ainsworth , I've spent my birthday the way you like it! : ) @ work. I worked for about 136 hours
Some of your better qualities must have rubbed off on me since the 11th, Friday
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By the way, do you have an old broken dowwn PC without a camera and microphone to install software on. Just to try it out?
Let me know what you decide, Kacey Ainsworth , and if you'd like some help figuring it out. Don't forget, I have somethign to tell you, maybe by the next 11th, Friday.