EastEnders: New boss Kate Oates hints at DRAMA filled year for the Mitchells and Tiffany Butcher

New EastEnders boss Kate Oates has hinted that 2019 is set to be anything other than drama free for the Mitchells and Tiffany Butcher.

Abstract from this. The complete details.

Kate, who only began working at the soap a few weeks ago, recently revealed that she has some big plans for the residents of Albert Square.’

Speaking to The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble Kate said: ‘We’ve got some good Mitchell stuff on the storyboard, the Phil, Keanu, Sharon stuff is all very exciting.’

* * *

She continued: ‘We’ve got some good stuff for Tiffany with her having taken herself into a dark world.’

Kate, who’s award winning storylines has bagged some of the UK’s biggest soaps a few gongs, also teased what the next year could bring: ‘There is something that I’m thinking about that the audience could say is an issues led storyline.’

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