EastEnders spoilers: Drug dealing job leaves Bernadette in serious danger

Tiffany Butcher will be left in serious trouble after a drug dealing job goes wrong on EastEnders. Bernadette Taylor will try to warn Tiffany by letting her know that Evie knows she and Rat are workin’

Prior information available. Abstract from this.

However Tiffany is left in a panic when she can’t find the drugs and the police end up searching Bernadette.

* * *

Elsewhere, Rainie is very upset over Max’s lack of confidence in her and ends up throwing away baby Abi’s birthday present.

Jack retrieves it out of the rubbish and shows Max what Rainie got Abi – a photo album full of pictures of his daughter.

* * *

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EastEnders confirms Alfie Moon’s plot after kidnapping baby Cherry

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EastEnders spoilers: What has Kat Moon just admitted to a shocked Alfie?

Alfie’s words seem to have worked a charm on Hayley. She returns home with baby Cherry, much to Kat’s delight. A cheeful Kat later ropes Alfie into helping her drum up some business for Mo’s Christmas stall. But things take a dark turn when the elderly man that Kat ran over on her moped turns up. A rattled Kat makes a hasty exit.

When Alfie finds out what happened, he searches for Kat and it’s not long before he discovers her in The Vic. As Alfie attempts to comfort an upset Kat, she blurts out what Maurice told her that left her so distraught. Alfie is stunned.


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