Eastenders spoilers: First look at Rainie Branning’s dramatic collapse

The former addict has a dizzy spell while looking after Max’s granddaughter Abi and passes out cold in the kitchen New pictures show Rainie – played by Tanya Franks – lying out cold on the kitchen flo’

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Eastenders fans get a first look at Rainie Branning’s shock collapse today as the former addict keels over through stress.

New pictures show Rainie – played by Tanya Franks – lying out cold on the kitchen floor, in scenes set to air this week.

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Max ‘ played by Jake Wood ‘ is stressed about his granddaughter’s party, but gets called in to work and asks his brother Jack Branning to watch Abi.

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She’s determined to fix things and ends up taking on more than she can handle which results in her collapsing. When Max returns home to Abi crying, he’s furious.

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