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Eastenders Spoilers Mick Carter Fails To Return To Walford With His Family

Red alert. Oh my goodness, this can't be for real.

There was something different here. I have no clue what happened. But this is very real. Just like Alia Bhatt's latest breast implants rumours. In the meantime we will work on fixing this. And if I finish in time, I can catch the train.

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EastEnders spoilers: Lee returns amid huge Carter storyline
(Sep 2019) Lee Carter . Walford to seek help and fight his demon and it is understood that he will return in a healthier frame of mind to help his family through their upcoming struggles. Viewers have seen

EastEnders spoilers – Ben and Callum in date disaster
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders has hinted that a date disaster is on the way for Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway later this month.

EastEnders spoilers- Bobby Beale’s fate revealed tonight
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders will reveal Bobby Beale’s fate tonight (September 19) after Tuesday night’s shocking cliffhanger.

EastEnders – 13 huge spoilers for next week (September 23 to 27)
(Sep 2019)

Next week’s EastEnders episodes see Mel and Sharon’s feud escalate into blackmail, while Whitney sends Callum on another downward spiral.

EastEnders spoilers – Callum makes a discovery about Stuart
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders’ Callum Highway will make a big discovery about his brother Stuart’s past next week.

EastEnders’ Mel to blackmail Sharon over baby secret
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders’ Mel Owen will blackmail Sharon Mitchell after learning of her big baby secret later this month.

EastEnders spoilers – Tiffany confides in Keegan
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders teen Tiffany Butcher will decide to be honest with her boyfriend Keegan Baker next week. The young couple will run into problems in upcoming .

EastEnders’ Ben and Callum prepare to go on a date next week
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders has teased romance hope for Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway as they prepare to take another big step next week.

EastEnders spoilers – Louise makes a big mistake over Bex
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders teen Louise Mitchell will make a big mistake when she tries to help Bex Fowler next week.

EastEnders – 11 huge spoilers for next week (September 9 to 13)
(Sep 2019)

EastEnders spoilers – Chantelle makes a discovery and Bianca reveals a secret.

EastEnders star Lee Ryan reveals big Woody storyline was scrapped
(Sep 2019)

Former EastEnders star Lee Ryan claims a big Woody Woodward storyline was scrapped after he signed up for a different project.

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