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Eastenders Spoilers Phil Mitchell Is Back Tonight With Shocking News About Keanu Taylor

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EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor rejects Sharon Mitchell as he returns to Walford
on 24th of Mar 2019 The clip ends with Phil Mitchell ordering Keanu Taylor to keep an eye on his daughter Louise . One wrote: “I think we could be getting EastEnders back to its best!!” A third wrote: “Kate Oates first

EastEnders spoilers: Ruby Allen to make Phil Mitchell a dangerous and SHOCKING offer
(Mar 2019) However, things will take a turn when Jay goes to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden . when she arrives on the Square in the coming weeks. EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

What happened between Ruby Allen and Phil Mitchell in EastEnders? Who was Juley?
(Mar 2019) EastEnders . Keanu in danger as he returns to EastEnders and faces new bad boy Danny Karen and Mitch’s daughter Chantelle arrives in EastEnders A few months later another incident occurred that was

EastEnders spoilers – Ted Murray return confirmed
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders has revealed that Ted Murray will be returning to Walford soon, after seven months off-screen.

EastEnders spoilers – Ruby drugs Ross in rape revenge
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders revealed Ruby Allen’s shocking revenge plan for Ross Swinden tonight (March 21) as her rape story took a new twist.

EastEnders reveals 11 huge spoilers in spring trailer
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders has just dropped a whole batch of new teasers in its spring trailer, which promises a very exciting few months ahead. The action-packed new promo .

EastEnders’ Stuart Highway makes a big confession
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders villain Stuart Highway puts his fate in his own hands as he makes a confession to Dot Branning.

EastEnders spoilers – Ruby and Jay to reunite?
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders has hinted at a reunion for on-off lovers Ruby Allen and Jay Brown next week.

EastEnders’ Rainie makes a shock discovery about Max
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders’ Rainie Cross will make a shock discovery about her husband Max Branning next week.

EastEnders spoilers – Phil Mitchell returns with Keanu bombshell
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders hardman Phil Mitchell will reveal Keanu Taylor’s fate when he returns to Walford next week.

EastEnders spoilers – Stuart Highway makes a shock discovery
(since Feb, 2019)

EastEnders villain Stuart Highway makes a desperate plea as he realises that Rainie Branning has him firmly on the back foot.

EastEnders spoilers – Mo to be kicked out by Slaters
(since Feb, 2019)


EastEnders’ Mel tries to get Habiba and Iqra fired in new Hunter twist
(Mar 2019)

EastEnders’ Mel Owen will scheme to get newcomers Habiba and Iqra Ahmed fired from Walford East next week.

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