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Emmerdale Brings Back Lachlan Whites Father Donny Cairn For Vanessas Stabbing Storyline

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Emmerdale brings back Lachlan White’s father Donny Cairn for Vanessa’s stabbing storyline
(Jan 2019) Emmerdale has aired a surprise return for Lachlan White’s father Donny Cairn. Alan Convy has reprised his role as Donny for a brief storyline, which saw him target The Woolpack and stab Vanessa Woodfi

Vanessa’s fate revealed in Emmerdale – as Donny betrays Lachlan
(Jan 2019) Emmerdale‘s Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) has survived being stabbed by Donny Cairn (Alan Convy) following double emergency surgery, and her attacker has admitted everything and betrayed twist

Emmerdale – who stabbed Vanessa? Lachlan White’s dad Donny Cairn returns
(Jan 2019)

Emmerdale has aired a surprise return for Lachlan White’s father Donny Cairn.

Emmerdale spoilers – Leanna Cavanagh strikes again in Bernice plot
(Jan 2019)

Emmerdale’s troublesome teen Leanna Cavanagh causes more problems by encouraging Bernice Blackstock to use Botox.

Wolverhampton actor Richard Shelton to bring critically-acclaimed Frank Sinatra show to Birmingham
(Jan 2019)

Former Emmerdale actor Richard Shelton will swap Palm Springs for Birmingham when he brings his hit Edinburgh Festival show, Sinatra: RAW to Birmingham.

Emmerdale spoilers –​ Belle Dingle returns ahead of dark new twists
(months ago)

Emmerdale airs Belle Dingle’s return scenes tonight (August 20) as she arrives back from her extended visit to Granny Clegg.

Emmerdale spoilers – who should the new producers bring back?
(months ago)

It’s all change at the top in Emmerdale. After more than two years in charge, big boss Iain MacLeod is now captain of the Coronation Street ship, and a new trio of .

Emmerdale spoilers –​ DI Bails to make a sinister return
(months ago)

Emmerdale brings back evil DI Bails next week as he decides that it’s time for a quiet word with his son Ryan Stocks.

Emmerdale spoilers – Leanna Cavanagh’s sad backstory revealed
(months ago)

Emmerdale will explore Leanna Cavanagh’s troubled backstory as part of Bernice Blackstock’s upcoming Botox disaster.

Emmerdale’s Rhona left with black eye in Dawn clash
(months ago)

Emmerdale’s Pete Barton is left horrified later this month as troubled Dawn makes a move on him.

Emmerdale spoilers – all the Christmas stories revealed
(months ago)

There’s wedding bells in Emmerdale this Christmas as Jessie Grant plans to surprise Marlon with a gift he’ll never forget, but that’s far from the only treat the .

Corrie star Jennie McAlpine brings her baby to visit set
(months ago)

Coronation Street star Jennie McAlpine has brought her newborn daughter to visit the ITV soap’s set.

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