Emmerdale fans compare paedo Maya’s grooming of schoolboy Jacob to Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland

ITV viewers are making comparisons between the shocking predatory behaviour of Maya Stepney and the late King of Pop People online have drawn similarities between the fictional character and late King ‘

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EMMERDALE fans have compared vile Maya Stepney to Michael Jackson after Leaving Neverland described in detail how he allegedly abused kids behind closed doors.

People online have drawn similarities between the fictional character and late King of Pop after seeing’ predatory teacher Maya befriend schoolboy Jacob Gallagher and coerce him into having sex with her.

Viewers admitted that both shows have made them feel “uncomfortable” and they’ve been left ‘shaking in fear’ after seeing Maya, who is in her thirties, climb on top of 16-year-old Jacob for an explicit scene.

One person wrote on Twitter: “The Maya and Jacob grooming storyline in #Emmerdale is making me feel as uncomfortable as watching #LeavingNeverland and hearing the accusations”

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