Emmerdale fans convinced Lachlan White’s dad Donny is behind the break

Savvy fans have pointed to a clue in the soap’s cast listing to back up their theory The titillating theory has made the rounds on Twitter,

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EMMERDALE fans believe Lachlan White’s dad, Donny’Cairn, is behind the break-in at the farm and Vanessa’s stabbing.

The titillating theory has made the rounds on Twitter, despite the character last appearing in the ITV soap in 2015.

One fan said on Twitter: “THEORY: I have a very weird and strange feeling that #LachlanWhite’s dad #DonnyCairn could be tied to #KimTate and Home Farm … #Emmerdale”

Another wrote on twitter: “You guys realize Donny is in the cast list for week two. Yes. That Donny. #Emmerdale”

And one eagle-eyed viewer backed the claim, but said’Jessie Grant’s son’Billy Fletcher could become a suspect.

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