Emmerdale spoilers: Doug Potts’ drug use exposed after awkward Nicola King twist?

Emmerdale’s Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) will be left humiliated next week when her husband Jimmy (Nick Miles) embarrasses her in from to the council “big wig”

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Jimmy has a bad reaction to one of Rodney’s drug-filled cakes and causes a scene in front of Nicola’s colleagues.’

* * *

Since then Doug Potts turned to cannabis to help relieve his chronic back pain and was caught by’Eric.’

* * *

But next week, fans’will see Doug’s drug stash has a lot to answer for as Rodney will come across some magic ingredients which he will add to his special cakes.

Unsuspecting, Jimmy will indulge himself as Nicola tries to impress the council big-wig but is then faced by a stoned Jimmy.’

* * *

This comes after Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) accused Dawn Taylor (Olivia’Bromley) for smoking cannabis which then saw Charity campaign against drugs.’

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