Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet’s shock link to prostitute Dawn to be revealed in explosive episode?

Vicar Harriet Finch is stunned when she claps eyes on prostitute Dawn in Emmerdale in an explosive twist this evening ‘ so what is their secret connection?

The complete details. Abstract from this.

Harriet’s face is a picture tonight when she runs into Pete Barton and Rhona’ Goskirk’s troubled houseguest.

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‘Dawn is completely floored by seeing Harriet, and Harriet hadn’t expected to see Dawn either,’ she reveals. ‘Harriet makes out that she doesn’t know who Dawn is, but it’s clear that there’s some real history between them’ and there are some shocking revelations to come’.

But Debbie doesn’t have that much to smile about as she will soon be off to court because of the doomed acid attack she instigated which left her ex Ross Barton terribly scarred.

Many things are taking place:

Emmerdale spoilers – Harriet is unsettled to see Dawn

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