Emmerdale spoilers: She’s back! Kim Tate is out of prison and up to no good!

The countdown continues to Debbie Dingle and Joe Tate’s wedding day, after the couple officially got engaged last month. But talk about a whirlwind engagement.

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Puzzled by Joe’s strange behaviour, Debbie is taken by surprise when Joe announces he wants them to get married’today! Will Debbie agree?

* * *

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the charity masquerade ball at Home Farm. But when Joe’s right hand man Graham Foster gets wind of the whirlwind wedding plans, he suspects Joe is up to something.

With Graham already aware Joe forged Debbie’s signature on the wedding prenup agreement, and with his own grudge to settle after Joe recently saved his own skin by leaving Graham at the mercy of vengeful drug dealer Connor, will Graham find a way to wreck the wedding?

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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate star reveals truth about missing son as she teases his return

Kim Tate (played by Claire King) was without her son, James, when she rocked up at Emmerdale’s Home Farm last week, with her right-hand man Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) in tow.

Despite the chaos of the evening, fans were left wondering where Kim’s son, James, who they last saw as a child, had gone and asked why Kim had been in prison.

One viewer tweeted: ‘Emmerdale, has everyone forgotten that Kim Tate had a son called James? Wonder where he is.’

* * *

Another added: ‘What happened to Kim Kate’s son James and why was she in prison,’ while a third said: ‘Where is Kim Tate’s son?’

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Emmerdale’s Claire King will return as Kim Tate full

The actress – who plays the legendary soap superbitch in the ITV soap – returned for a special one week appearance but now it can be revealed that Kim will return to the village for a permanent comeback in six months, when she has completed her prison sentence.

Viewers watched tonight as Kim was sent back to prison for driving her Aston Martin without being insured, but she will be back to rule Home Farm once again as soon as she is let out again.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Claire said she was glad her final secret was out, revealing: “I’m glad it’s got to this point today now where I can just go, ‘Oh thank God for that.’

Faith Dingle confesses to pushing Kim Tate ‘ Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter reacts

The twist was revealed in tonight’s episode (Friday 12 October) which began the morning after the big push and saw Charity surprised to be released into the waiting arms of girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield who confessed she had given her a false alibi.

* * *

Later back at the Woolpack, Faith privately admitted to Charity it was she who shoved the bitchy blonde bad girl over the banister as revenge for goading Debbie for being jilted by Joe Tate. Charity berated the gobby gran for letting her take the blame, but Faith insisted she would’ve confessed if things had gone too far.

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