Emmerdale spoilers: Who is the father of Lydia Hart’s baby?

Lydia Hart (played by Karen Blick) is struggling to cope on Emmerdale after the truth about her real identity emerged recently.

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She’d ended up abandoning the child in the woods only for the remains to be discovered years later.

Although Sam (James Hooten) and Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell) tried to comfort her, Lydia appeared inconsolable.

There are still many questions surrounding Lydia’s baby but perhaps the biggest one is who could be the father of the child.

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Emmerdale has yet to reveal the father of Lydia’s baby but there have been some clues in the ITV soap.

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She described him as ‘a bit of a harmless drip’ and said she was ‘daft, careless and stupid’ at the time, hinting she may have fallen pregnant with his child.

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