Emmerdale’s Michelle Hardwick drops MASSIVE hint on who stabs Vanessa Woodfield

Emmerdale’ Michelle Hardwick has revealed a huge hint about who it may be that stabs her character, Vanessa Woodfield.

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Michelle Hardwick’s character, Vanessa, will be stabbed on tommorrow night’s show after an argument with her girlfriend Charity Dingle

While speaking to Loose Women, Michelle may have inadvertently given away a key clue to working out who it is that has terrorised her, after she talked about why Vanessa and Charity bicker in the first place.

In this argument between the pair, Michelle revealed Vanessa has been suggesting it “may be someone from her past,” at which point the actress stopped in her tracks, looking awkward.

She continued by talking about the stabbing, but could it be that someone from Belle’s past is responsible for more than just terrorising their prey?

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Vanessa and Kirin’s affair looks set to be exposed in Emmerdale

But things are set to get a whole lot worse for Emmerdale’s resident vet Vanessa Woodfield when her on-off nemesis Paddy catches her getting hot and heavy with her 17-year-old lover.

The drama unfolds after her toy boy Kirin Kotecha pretends that his pet dog Jay-Z is poorly as an excuse to see Vanessa.’

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Busted! Just as Vanessa and Kirin are getting down to business, who should walk in but Paddy, exposing their secret fling.

Vanessa, played by Michelle Hardwick, first hooked up with teenager Kirin Kotecha after a night on the town, and believed him to be in his 20s.


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