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Exclusive Hollyoaks Star Rory Douglas

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Exclusive: Hollyoaks star Nadine Mulkerrin speaks out on Cleo McQueen’s exit plot
(Aug 2019) The plot will ultimately lead to a temporary exit for Cleo, as Nadine and her Hollyoaks co-star Rory Douglas-Speed (Joel Dexter) are expecting their first child together. Speaking exclusively to

Hollyoaks spoilers – Nadine Mulkerrin speaks out on Cleo’s exit
(Aug 2019)

Hollyoaks star Nadine Mulkerrin has spoken about Cleo McQueen’s new love triangle storyline for the first time.

Hollyoaks spoilers – Haiesha Mistry on Stuart’s shocking new plan
(Aug 2019)

Hollyoaks star Haiesha Mistry has told Digital Spy that the show’s far-right racism storyline will take a shocking turn, as Stuart Sumner’s secret plan is revealed.

Hollyoaks spoilers – James and Romeo to face new crisis
(since Jul, 2019)

Hollyoaks star Gregory Finnegan has promised more drama for James Nightingale’s relationship with his teenage son Romeo Quinn.

Hollyoaks spoilers – Mitchell Deveraux in more Maxine drama
(since Jul, 2019)

Hollyoaks star Imran Adams has hinted that Mitchell Deveraux hasn’t given up on his hopes of putting a stop to Maxine Minniver’s lies.

Hollyoaks spoilers – Imran Adams reveals Mitchell sexuality story
(Aug 2019)

Hollyoaks star Imran Adams has confirmed that the show will be exploring Mitchell Deveraux’s sexuality in a new storyline.

Hollyoaks spoilers – Jamie Lomas returning as Warren Fox
(since Jul, 2019)

Hollyoaks legend Warren Fox is making a dramatic return to the show.

Hollyoaks spoilers – Adam Woodward on new surrogacy story
(since Jul, 2019)

Hollyoaks star Adam Woodward has hinted at new “complications” for Brody Hudson and Sienna Blake as they explore the possibility of surrogacy.

Hollyoaks spoilers – Rishi Nair teases Sami and Sinead’s future
(Aug 2019)

Hollyoaks star Rishi Nair has warned of “hurdles” ahead for Sami Maalik and Sinead Shelby as they work out their future in upcoming episodes.

Hollyoaks spoilers – Juliet to bully Brooke again this week
(Aug 2019)

Hollyoaks star Niamh Blackshaw has revealed that the show will be revisiting Brooke Hathaway’s bullying storyline this week. The Channel 4 soap is airing more .

Hollyoaks: Sinead’s revenge against Ste’s fascist group goes wrong
(Aug 2019)

Sinead Shelby’s attempt to get even with Ste Hay’s fascist group in Hollyoaks has gone very wrong. Earlier this week, Jonny (Ray Quinn) and Stuart (Chris .

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