Exclusive: Lena Headey talks GOT, new WWE movie

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Exclusive Trailer for ‘The Competition’ Goes Inside France’s Most Prestigious Film School

With an alumni roster including the likes of Alain Resnais, Louis Malle, Claire Denis,’Arnaud Desplechin,’Theo Angelopoulos, and’Andrzej ‘u’awski, the film school’La F’mis is the most prestigious of its kind in France. Out of the many that apply, only five percent are admitted each year and it is this contentious, yet edifying environment that is the setting for Claire Simon’s new documentary The Competition.

After a festival tour that included’Venice Film Festival, Vienna International Film Festival, DOC NYC, London Film Festival, IDFA, True/False, CPH:DOX, the film will be the’first-ever theatrical release for Metrograph Pictures, the’newly-established distribution company born out of the Lower East Side moviehouse.

Exclusive: CEO Dimitris Hatzis talks about the new IronX Exchange

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