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Reddit is back online after outage
(Sep 2019) Reddit’s site was having some issues. Reddit is back online after an outage on Wednesday afternoon, according to Down Detector. A map showed major issues across the US, UK and Australia. “All of our

Beto O’Rourke had a very bad Reddit Ask Me Anything
(Sep 2019) Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Thursday and likely began regretting that decision almost immediately. When the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate took

Reddit’s chief operating officer on how the platform is doubling ad revenue
(Sep 2019) Are you a print subscriber? Activate your account. By Dan Whateley – 0 sec ago 2 hours 7 min ago By Holly Pavlika – 2 hours 37 min ago By Dan Aversano – 2 hours 49 min ago By Angela Doland – 6

20 of the Best Names For a Baby Boy, According to Reddit
(Sep 2019) The self-proclaimed “Name Nerds” of Reddit have come up with a definitive list of the world’s best boy names, so if you’ve not yet thought about what you would call your children, you’re about to.

Reddit COO On Balancing Professional Progression With Humbleness
(Sep 2019) Don’t learn the hard way and follow your professional passion, advises Reddit’s Chief Operating Officer Jen Wong. Having toiled away at a financial gig she was less than enamored with, Jen went back

What is Reddit Layer? How to Make Use of the New Adobe Collaboration
(Sep 2019) Reddit has just unveiled their latest social experiment, known as “Layer.” Similar to Place and Sequence, this new activity allows users to add to an ongoing piece created by the entire community.

Reddit is back online after a two-hour outage. Here’s what happened
(Sep 2019) Reddit, one of the web’s most popular time-wasting sites, went down for nearly two hours on Wednesday afternoon, leaving tens of thousands of people unable to access their favorite subreddits.

Apollo for Reddit updated with support for Dark Mode and game controllers, Siri Shortcuts, improved Accessibility, much more
(Sep 2019) The great iOS app, Apollo for Reddit has been updated today to take advantage of iOS 13. The new release brings support for Dark Mode and new game controllers, Siri Shortcuts with parameters

Reddit is experiencing another outage: Here’s what we know
(Sep 2019) The issue is widespread based on current reports, with users in many places complaining about an inability to access the website. Reddit has confirmed that it is looking into the matter.

Reddit Relationships: Man laughs at girlfriend for using Microsoft PowerPoint during sex
(Sep 2019) A man explained on the “Reddit Relationships” subreddit that he may have ruined his relationship by laughing at a series of nudes his girlfriend compiled for him. OK, I know what your thinking: This

Turmoil in Reddit’s Leading Pro-Trump Community Deepens After Mod Ban
(Sep 2019)   Right Wing Watch

Three moderators of the Reddit community known as “The_Donald” were unceremoniously removed from their roles, according to a community moderator’s .

What Is Reddit? Simple: It’s The Best Freakin’ Thing on The Web…
(Sep 2019)   Know Your Mobile

Why I Ditched The Mainstream Media And Turned To Reddit For My News – A brief primer on what Reddit is, why it is AWESOME, and why you should be using .

NFL to engage fans through Reddit in content and advertising partnership
(Sep 2019)   The Drum

The National Football League (NFL) is to participate in a series of ‘Ask Me Anything’ online discussions after agreeing to a wider digital *content* and advertising .

Users of a major online Trump hub expect they’ll be kicked off Reddit—and they don’t know where to go
(since Aug, 2019)   Mother Jones

For years, Reddit had hesitated to take action against one of its most prominent toxic communities: r/The_Donald, which in addition to being the site’s fan club for .

Explaining why Reddit posts are removed helps people comply with rules
(since Aug, 2019)   New Scientist

Social media platforms struggling to tackle the tide of misinformation and unsuitable *content* could cut its flow by a fifth by better explaining their rules. That is the .

All Blacks vs Springboks Live Stream Reddit free RWC 2019 – Baltimore Post
(Sep 2019) All Blacks vs Springboks Live Stream Reddit free RWC 2019  Baltimore Post-Examiner

Simply get the latest ways to watch All Blacks vs Springboks Live Reddit Stream RWC 2019 Rugby game on your pc, tv, mac or any digital devices without cable.

Daryl Worley hosts reddit AMA –
(Sep 2019) Daryl Worley hosts reddit AMA

Cornerback Daryl Worley recently participated in a reddit AMA. Take a look at the questions he answered.

News Anchor Sues Reddit, Facebook and Others Over Creepy Photo Used in Inappropriate Ads
(Sep 2019)   PetaPixel

A local news anchor from Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against some of the largest social media and photo sharing platforms in the world after she noticed a .

Why people who lurk on Reddit make the best agency employees
(Sep 2019)   The Drum

A few years ago, a developer released a user interface that looked like an ordinary Word doc but let you browse Reddit without fear of your boss catching you.

Lesbian Teen’s Reddit Post About Crushing on Her Roommate Is Sweet AF
(Sep 2019)

While the r/relationships and r/relationship_advice subreddits are usually filled with a lot of embarrassing (and sometimes downright horrifying) relationship .

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