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NASA, either Earth has vanished or we need a new telescope.

There was something different here. I have no clue what happened. I am not making this stuff up. It is intriguing, like that secret Taylor Swift space mission. In the meantime we will work on fixing this. As soon as this is done, I can go back to sleep.

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The Skype Mafia: Who Are They And Where Are They Now?
Aug 21st, 2019 05:25 UTC Sergio Dionisio/eBay via Getty Images Skype is widely regarded as one of the most successful tech companies to come out of Europe but who are the people that built the company and where are they now?

Microsoft’s privacy policy admits contractors listen to Cortana, Skype recordings
(Aug 2019) Microsoft’s updated privacy policy acknowledges that the company is allowing humans to listen to recordings made by Cortana and other speech services, and the company has not yet allowed customers to

A VC who worked on Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype says it provided a valuable lesson about why the best startups are ‘bought not sold’
(Aug 2019) Paul Murphy is a partner at VC fund Northzone in London. He worked at Microsoft during its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype.

Microsoft tweaks privacy policy to admit humans can listen to Skype Translator and Cortana audio
(Aug 2019) Microsoft is the latest tech giant to amend its privacy policy after media reports revealed it uses human contractors to review audio recordings of Skype and Cortana users. A section in the policy

Microsoft Confirms Your Cortana and Skype Recordings Aren’t Private Either, Surprising No One
(Aug 2019) At this point, if you don’t want strangers to listen to recordings from your devices, it’s looking like you may just have to go off the grid. On Thursday, Microsoft became the latest tech

Skype registers telecoms service after losing EU case
Aug 21st, 2019 03:06 UTC Microsoft’s Skype formally registered itself as an electronic communication service provider with Dutch authorities in the wake of a European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision made earlier this year. In

Microsoft confirms that people listen to portions of Skype calls and Cortana queries
(Aug 2019) Microsoft confirmed that humans may listen to Skype calls and Cortana queries. Microsoft updated its privacy policies to explicitly state that humans may listen to audio recordings. Users can delete

Is It Time for Microsoft to Spin Off Skype?
(Aug 2019) First, eBay bought Skype in 2005 for $2.6 billion. Two years later, the company wrote down $1.43 billion of its investment, and four years after that, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) bought the company

Microsoft’s updated privacy policies state humans listen to Cortana and Skype recordings
(Aug 2019) THINK DIFFERENT might be Apple’s old strap-line, but Microsoft seems to have adopted it as unlike everyone else, Redmond keep using humans to listen to recorded Skype and Cortana conversations. Much

Surprise! Microsoft Admits That People Are Listening In on Your Cortana and Skype Conversations
(Aug 2019) In a turn of events that, at this point, probably shocks no one, Microsoft has confessed that human contractors have been listening in on some people’s private conversations via Skype and Cortana.

Skype Insider update brings back Split View mode on Windows, Mac, and Linux
(Aug 2019)   OnMSFT

A recent update to the Skype Insider app for Windows, Mac, and Linux has brought back the Split View Mode that used to be available in the now deprecated .

Skype for Business Online will be retired in 2021
(Aug 2019)   Ghacks Technology News

Microsoft announced on July 31, 2019 that it will retire Skype for Business Online on July 31, 2021.

Microsoft Rolls Out “Bookmark Message” Feature For Skype Desktop & Mobile Users
(Aug 2019)   Appuals

Skype for Desktop has got many new features lately. We reported earlier that Skype’s system tray icon now changes its color to match your status. Billions.

Skype Insider Builds Brings Realizable Settings Windows & Status Colors For Tray Icon
(Aug 2019)   Appuals

Microsoft has released Skype Insider Preview builds for Desktop and Android users this week. Skype Insiders have highlighted some major changes in the.

Microsoft’s Skype contractors are listening to private conversations
(Aug 2019)   Memeburn

Vice’s Motherboard discovered that Microsoft contractors (i.e., actual humans) have been listening to snippets of private Skype calls.

Key Health Indicators (KHI) for Skype for Business 2019, Skype for Business Server 2015 and Lync Server 2013
(since Jul, 2019)   Tom Talks Blog

Key Health Indicators (KHI) are Performance Counters with recommended thresholds aimed at revealing problems that can impact the user experience.

Dubai businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor urges for end to Skype ban in UAE
(Aug 2019)   Gulf Business News

Dubai billionaire businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor has urged the UAE leadership to reconsider fees such as VAT while also renewing his call to lift the ban on .

Microsoft admits humans are listening to some Skype and Cortana recordings
(Aug 2019)   KITV Honolulu

The company says their making the changes because human contractors are on the other end listening to conversations. They also say they’re doing this to .

Video Conferencing Software Market Research Report 2019-2024 – Top Key Players Microsoft (Skype), Cisco, Zoho Meeting
on 20th of Aug 2019   Wink Report

The Video Conferencing Software has seen considerable growth over the years. Despite the ongoing trade war among the leading nations of the world, the .

Microsoft hears you on Skype and you think your calls are completely private!
(Aug 2019)   Tech Chums

Ever since Smart services including home and AI convenience have come into existence in the globe of technological advances, safety and security have .

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