Gabrielle Ruiz Is Dancing Her Way Toward the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Finale (Exclusive)

ET: I was lucky enough to see the table read for the series finale, which was full of tears. Was taping the actual episode just as emotional for the cast?

Aline took me aside before we cast’Emma Willmann as my love interest. She took care of me to let me know this was happening, and she just really wanted to confirm that I was 100 percent on board, which I thought was very thoughtful. They’ve always been that way, both her and Rachel, since the beginning.’I was just like, yes! It makes complete sense, and Aline was like, “What I really want to talk to you about though –‘I don’t want to offend you — you’re not going to get a song for it.” And that also made complete sense. She said, “I have a friend who was married, had kids, kids went off to college, got a divorce, and she’s now married to a woman, and I remember everyone being like, “Whoa, what a change. Did you always know?” And she was like, “No, I just fell in love with a woman. It so happened to be a woman.” Aline’s experience with her friend — I hope I quoted it correctly, that’s what I took away from it — she was like, pun intended, the song and dance of it all is not a story you always see on TV. Valencia didn’t have the struggle, she didn’t have the song to announce it’like Darryl did, “I’m Getting Bi.” She didn’t have that because Valencia is so confident in her decisions, she just moves forward. It was absolutely brilliant, and I love that that story is also told where she didn’t have to talk to her parents, they don’t disown her, her friends don’t get offended, no one has to encourage her. She just did it, and that’s so badass.Aline and Rachel have written very smart scripts and really seem to have thought out every detail. Does it feel that way to experience their writing as an actor?

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Gabrielle Ruiz Is Dancing Her Way Toward the ‘Crazy Ex

A lot of Ariana Grande. I’m loving Lizzo. I just discovered her and her song, “Juice.” And always what Pete Gardner says is “Yacht Rock” — a little disco, a little pop. Now that it’s pilot season, the last thing that’s on my list is classical music for when I memorize and study. It keeps me chill but’alert, and I’m a little more productive.You’ve been on Broadway and it always seemed like that as far as being a triple threat, dancing was your main focus. Now that you’ve done this show for four years, do you want to go back to focusing on dancing or has that trajectory changed?

When I was growing up, there was no Hamilton, and the most diverse Broadway musical I remember going to was Rent. Did you ever feel like it was harder to break into the Broadway world as a Latina?

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Q&A: Gabrielle Ruiz On The ‘Crazy Ex

When Gabrielle Ruiz showed up as Josh’s girlfriend, Valencia, on season one of the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, her character could have been a one-dimensional stereotype. She was, after all, dating the man who remained the titular ex-girlfriend’s object of affection. Ruiz wasn’t even a series regular.

But Girlfriend’s writers aren’t that lazy, and Ruiz, who has appeared on Broadway opposite royalty including Lin-Manuel Miranda and Idina Menzel, is way too good to remain a guest star.

During the first season, Rebecca (the ex-girlfriend) and Valencia hit it off. One episode was even titled ‘Josh’s Girlfriend Is Really Cool.’

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Idris Elba Is Still Searching for Imperfect Beats

And that, unless you personally attended the royal wedding, is all the detail you’re liable to get about that. For further insight into Big Driis’s DJing technique or philosophy, you are stuck, unfortunately, with Turn Up Charlie.

Consequently, one major problem with Turn Up Charlie is that it’s awfully hard to buy him as, well, Charlie, a washed-up London DJ reduced to taking a gig as a nanny. ‘Let’s just face it: I’m a vintage, I’m a relic, I’m like an old-school legend that’s never coming back,’ Charlie laments at one point. This is far less believable than that time he played Beyonc’s husband. Elba’s semicomedic sad-sack routine is such that you spend most of this eight-episode series just assuming he gained at least a little weight to take on a character-appropriate paunch, until he spends most of the last two episodes shirtless in Ibiza, where it is revealed that no, he did not.

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Ashley Cain and Timothy LeDuc ready to take on Worlds pressure

Ashley Cain and Timothy LeDuc had a plan for the 2018-19 season: skate well through the fall, become national champions, get named as the only U.S. pair team at the 2019 World Championships, and then win back more pair spots for the U.S. by finishing in the top 10.

So far, they’ve checked off those boxes, with one major hurdle in December. During a competition in Croatia, Cain fell on her head during a lift and had to spend the time leading up to the U.S. Championships recovering from a concussion.

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