GMB weather woman shows off her pre-TV dance in funny clip

Usually moves like this are reserved for your bedroom, where you can check yourself out in the mirror.

Unfortunately for weather presenter Laura Tobin, she picked the wrong place to show off her dance moves.

Laura was captured taking part in a very energetic dance on camera before Good Morning Britain began on Tuesday morning.

* * *

A tweet from the Good Morning Britain account read: ‘This is how @Lauratobin1 warms up before we go on air! ‘ Strictly producers, if you’re watching, she is available!’

Good news! Warmer weather is expected over the next few days ‘ now that’s something to dance about! ‘

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In case you are keeping track:

Laura Tobin displays her unique dance moves as Piers Morgan asks if she’s ‘had too much to drink’

Good Morning Britain’s weather girl Laura Tobin started her day off with a very animated display as she showcased her dancing skills to the amusement and shock of her fellow television personalities.

In the unusual addition to her weather segment the 37-year-old set pulses racing as she clad her trim figure in a fitted stripey dress and red heels.

She left her wavy brunette locks flowing as she broke out in dance to’Jump On It from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, showcasing her perfect ‘Carlton dance’.’

The personality was met with shock by GMB host Piers Morgan who questioned whether she’d had ‘too much to drink’.’

Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin ‘auditions for Strictly’ with hilarious dance routine as she warms up for the show

The 37-year-old weather woman showed off her best Strictly moves in a behind the scenes clip taken before they went on air.

Dressed in a striped dress, Laura can be seen gyrating and twirling her hips to keep her co-stars entertained.

* * *

Watching it back, Laura admitted: ‘In my head it didn’t look like that. In my head it actually looked OK but that was terrible.’

Laura returned to GMB last year after welcoming her daughter Charlotte, who was born three months prematurely.

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Piers Morgan lets rip at Good Morning Britain weather expert

Piers Morgan has let rip at a Good Morning Britain colleague on Tuesday morning’s show – to viewers’ astonishment.

* * *

Ms Tobin, the ITV1 daytime favourite’s resident meteorologist, was seen spontaneously dancing during the second show of the week.

* * *

The Arsenal fan was fuming as Laura was seen having a boogie, telling viewers: “Good morning, well the weather will give us something to dance about over the next few days as we see things warming up.”

* * *

“Hang on – it’s Tuesday, not Thursday or Friday. No, no, no – we don’t do fluffy guff,” Piers moaned.