Grammys revenge: Will Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande win Best Pop Album after general field snubs?

Among the biggest surprises in the 2019 Grammy nominations were Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande being completely snubbed from the top four general field races,

Track all the details. Another one.

Among the biggest surprises in the 2019 Grammy nominations were Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande being completely snubbed from the top four general field races, even with those categories expanded to eight nominees each. But it wasn’t all bad news for the fan-favorites. They’re both nominated in the pop field where they could get their revenge just like Ed Sheeran last year.

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Dazed’s The Only Tracks You Need to Hear – The Best Spotify Playlists Right Now

It’s a different experience from the old days of digging through blogs (or actual brick-and-mortar record stores), but there is still something magical about falling in love with a new artist on a playlist. And if you find one artist you like, there will likely be several more on the same playlist. The discoveries come in batches.

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They call him Little Saddam: MICHAEL BURLEIGH on Saudi Crown Prince

The fate of’Jamal Khashoggi (pictured) is now beyond doubt, even if the terrible details are yet to emerge in full

No doubt in the coming days we will receive further distressing news from the Turks ‘ that, for example, the freshly painted walls in the consulate show traces of Mr Khashoggi’s blood.

* * *

The first explanation is that Mr Khashoggi was seen as a particular threat. Not only was he an exceptionally well-informed insider, a member of the Riyadh establishment ‘ he had been an adviser to the Saudi security services ‘ but he was a vocal critic of the current regime through his regular column in the Washington Post.

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(S:1) #1544484919


10 Things to Ponder on Mr Khashoggi

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Hi, I will have to say that I love Mr Khashoggi . I always do reserve the right to reassess my opinions, except when it comes to family and friends.
Nevertheless, I'm by leaps and bounds, the best candidate for this job. I will work for Mr Khashoggi if it's all that there is in 10th, Monday.
I deleted my blogs, and only use Mr Khashoggi for my Twitter, did not think twice, just clicked delete. (My hosting company has automatic backup.)
I've built 28 plugins to handle many things in concept for Mr Khashoggi , like custom form submission with automatic user registration.
If anyone requires spam detection, creating unlisted pages, podcast generation, contests and polls, tell Mr Khashoggi it's done.
YouTube embeds and live streaming, media players, newsletters, auto template switch based on page meta data, redirection exit page, and much more.
My website is Mr Khashoggi (I've not been maintaining it, but it has some of the plugin features I mentioned above.)
And I recently started back my stackoverflow responses. I've only had the chance to help a few individuals there so far.
Before that, I was busy working on my plans to infiltrate the KGB (they are still around, under a different name).
I eventually realized it just isn't worth the time. So am switching back to obtaining a job with Mr Khashoggi . Hope to get a gig.