Kendall Jenner Can Walk on Sunshine and Wear It, Thanks to This Teeny Tiny Bikini

Kendall Jenner must be bottling the springtime sunshine for her bikinis, ’cause she is absolutely glowing.

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Kendall Jenner must be bottling the springtime sunshine for her bikinis, ’cause she is absolutely glowing. The 23-year-old model certainly has her pick of bold and beautiful swimwear, and she recently decided to try out a radiant yellow two-piece by Sommer Swim. Kendall shared photos of the goldenrod suit on her Instagram stories, giving a full glimpse of the triangle top and tiny high-cut bottoms. See how she shines? She paired the sultry suit with tiny gold hoops and cow-print nails, adding a subtle playful touch. Read on to see Kendall’s bikini from more angles, and shop similar swimsuits for yourself.

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In 2015, Gigi Hadid had just 1.6 million followers on IG.’Her following now sits at over 43 million. Gigi was the 5th-highest paid model of 2017. While Kendall took the top spot with a’Forbes reported $22 million paycheque, this isn’t about 2017. It isn’t even about 2018.

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