Kendall Jenner Flirts With Ben Simmons After Posting Sexy Lingerie Modeling Video!

Kendall Jenner is definitely getting flirty with Ben Simmons! The 23-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star posted two clips of herself seductively posing in lingerie on her Instagram o’

Check out the details. Check it out.

‘Come here..’ the 22-year-old basketball player commented on the clips, to which she replied with emojis of a race car driving away with smoke.

The two are not formally together as a couple, but this isn’t the first time Ben posted something flirty recently on her Instagram.

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10 Things to Ponder on Kendall Jenner

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Thank you, Kendall Jenner . I had a great day 2day even though I had 2 work it was a fun day. Btw, where's my cake?
I haven't seen u online, can't wait 2 tell you something! Kendall Jenner , are you even listening?
You do know, Kendall Jenner , I've spent my birthday the way you like it! : ) @ work. I worked for about 96 hours
Some of your better qualities must have rubbed off on me since the 10th, Thursday
I don't go online often... will have to block too many people, Not you, Kendall Jenner of course, so I just stay offline 😛
Like I mentioned I don't know much about recovering data from formatted drives. Ever since, the CIA picekd up chatter and Kendall Jenner was mentioned.
And I don't trust downloading programs from sites I don't know very well. Kendall Jenner , but I might download software on my birthday.
I do know cnet, Kendall Jenner , you know them? Think it is an ok site. I still would not usually want any software from there, since they have hack detection.
By the way, do you have an old broken dowwn PC without a camera and microphone to install software on. Just to try it out?
Let me know what you decide, Kendall Jenner , and if you'd like some help figuring it out. Don't forget, I have somethign to tell you, maybe by the next 10th, Thursday.