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Kendall Jenner Helps Rumored Boyfriend Ben Simmons Celebrate His 22nd Birthday

Dude, you better not be telling me what I think you're telling me.

There was something different here. I have no clue what happened. I am not making this up. It is like the model Gigi Hadid wearing her complete outfit for a change. In the meantime we will work on fixing this. It is all Google's fault. I keep telling people that.

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2019 BAFTAs: Everything You Missed
(Feb 2019) Watch to find out what the actor had to say about his royal friend. While “The Favourite” was busy winning seven awards, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge decided to show how the Royals really celebrate

Lady Gaga ‘Grateful’ For Her 3 Wins At The Grammys
(Feb 2019) While the Academy has yet to confirm Dwayne’s post, some followers thought he might have just been poking fun at his longtime pal and co-star. Hayden Panettiere Is Reportedly An Absentee Mom The “Hero

Kendall Jenner and Her Boyfriend Pre-Gamed Valentine’s Day in Black-on-Black
Feb 15th, 2019 00:54 UTC   New Idea

Though their relationship only went public last Friday (thanks to Ellen DeGeneres), Kendall and Ben are already coordinating up a storm.

Kendall Jenner Says Suffering From Acne Was “Debilitating” for Her
(since Jan, 2019)   Allure Magazine

Kendall Jenner, now teamed up with Proactiv, posted a new makeup-free photo on Instagram and opened up in more detail about how suffering from acne gave .

Kendall Jenner: I’ve cried endlessly over things people have said to me
(Feb 2019)   BT TV

The model said she tries not to pay attention to negative comments.

Proactiv Stands Behind Kendall Jenner’s Acne Marketing Campaign After Backlash
(since Jan, 2019)   Who

Proactiv is standing by its market campaign to reveal Kendall Jenner’s endorsement news after fans called out the brand for releasing apparent misleading .

Longchamp 70th Anniversary – Tatler
(months ago) Longchamp 70th Anniversary  Tatler

Longchamp, the traditional French heritage luggage brand (still family run – a real rarity in this turbo age) is powering through the 21st century; with a little help .

Are Bella Hadid’s Bangs Real? She Just Debuted Long Fringe
(Feb 2019)   Bustle

It looks and feels like bangs are asserting themselves as the hair trend of 2019 thus far. Bella Hadid has bangs now and she was totally twinning with fellow .

Kendall Jenner Pulls Off Epic Birthday Surprise With YouTube Star David Dobrik
(some months now)   E! Online

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star joins Harry Hudson, Kaia Gerber and more stars at a wild birthday celebration.

Longchamp Celebrates 70 Years With Kendall Jenner And Kate Moss
(months ago)

What a week it’s been for Longchamp. On the eve of September 8, Sophie Delafontaine, the third-generation of Longchamp blood, presented her first catwalk .

Kendall Jenner Makes Longchamp’s 70th Anniversary One to Remember
(months ago)   Daily Front Row

Longchamp is celebrating their 70th Anniversary this year and tapped supermodel Kendall Jenner to appear in their fall campaign.

What Is Kendall Jenner Trying To Tell Us With Her XXL Puffer Gilet?
(many weeks now)

Everything Miss Vogue knows about Kendall Jenner puffer gilet and Ben Simmons.

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