Love Island’s Tyla Carr reveals first glimpse of new baby Archie

Love Island’s Tyla Carr has unveiled the first glimpse of her son to the world after welcoming baby Archie on December 13.

The new mum is all smiles posing for OK! Magazine alongside partner Rossco Edmonds, but revealed her pregnancy was far from smooth sailing.

Weeks before the birth, Tyla was told her baby had to come out ahead of her due date following a series of complications.

She said: ” I’d been leaking fluid so they tested to see if my waters had broken and I had to go for an emergency scan. The nurse phoned the consultant and said: ‘I think her waters are gone. There’s no fluid and he hasn’t grown for two weeks.”

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Love Island’s Tyla Carr shows off newborn baby Archie for the first time and reveals she got ‘too big for sex

LOVE Island Tyla Carr shows off baby son Archie for the first time today ‘ and reveals some very intimate details of her pregnancy.

Beaming with pride alongside boyfriend Rossco Edmonds, Tyla holds son Archie Ray, and talks about her high-risk pregnancy.

After falling pregnant just four months into her relationship with Ross, the former reality star revealed the issues with the baby started at just 32 weeks.

Love Island’s Tyla Carr has just given a first glimpse of her new son, and he’s GORGEOUS

The Love Island star posed alongside her partner, Rossco Edmonds, showing off their lovely little man.

And despite the fact that the couple look over the moon, Tyla admits that her pregnancy wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

* * *

The babies heart rate was rising and falling at an alarming rate, so doctors made the choice to bring her C-Section date forward.

* * *

“It honestly did feel like someone was doing the washing-up in my stomach. You can’t feel pain but you can feel everything else.”

* * *

“They held the baby up and when I saw the willy I was like : ‘Oh my God,’ as we were so convinced it was a girl from day one. It was so overwhelming. I held him while they stitched me up. He was so content, it was the most magical moment ever.”

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Love Island’s Tyla Carr says she sneakily tried to induce labour early

The former model, 25, who welcomed her son Archie with boyfriend’Rossco earlier this month, spoke while her pregnancy wasn’t smooth sailing after she began to experience complications at 32 weeks.’

She added:”The consultant did a scan and said, although the baby was low, he was fine. So they just decided that they’d see me weekly throughout the rest of my pregnancy.’

* * *

‘I was so relieved. I know it’s naughty, but I was trying to induce the labour anyway as I was so excited to meet him. I was eating spicy food, drinking raspberry leaf tea, using my breast pump, but sex was a no go because I was just so big!’ she added.

Love Island star Tyla Carr shows off ADORABLE baby boy Archie in first photo

Proudly showing off her bundle of joy, Tyla has opened up to OK! magazine about her complicated pregnancy alongside a stunning photoshoot.

* * *

She continued: ‘I was originally meant to have a C-section on December 20 [because the baby was breech], but they brought it forward because his heart rate was up and down. I was so relieved.’

Speaking about the lengths she went to to try and meet her baby earlier, she admitted: ‘I know it’s naughty, but I was trying to induce the labour anyway as I was so excited to meet him. I was eating spicy food, drinking raspberry leaf tea, using my breast pump, but sex was a no go because I was just so big!’

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