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Facebook is reportedly teaming up with Ray
on 17th of Sep 2019 Facebook has been working to build its own augmented reality glasses for the past few years. According to CNBC, these glasses (codenamed “Orion”) won’t be supplemental to your phone — they’re

Federal Reserve, FedEx, Adobe, Facebook and Chewy
Sep 18th, 2019 02:32 UTC U.S. stock futures fall modestly in cautious trading as investors focus on the Federal Reserve’s interest rates decision expected later Wednesday; FedEx sinks after fiscal first-quarter earnings at

Facebook outlines rules for content oversight board that can overrule Zuckerberg
on 17th of Sep 2019 The board will start out with at least 11 members and likely grow to 40 members total. Facebook just can’t seem to win when it comes to what content it leaves up or pulls down from the social network,

Facebook to name first oversight panel members by year
on 17th of Sep 2019 BOSTON — Facebook said Tuesday that it expects to name the first members of a new quasi-independent oversight board by year-end. The oversight panel is intended to rule on thorny content issues, such

Facebook is apparently in cahoots with Ray
Sep 18th, 2019 02:53 UTC WEIRD PARTNERSHIPS are run-of-the-mill for tech firms, as evidenced by Facebook’s rumoured tie-in with Ray-Ban. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg is a big fan of the classic Wayfarer look, or Facebook thinks

Facebook reveals new details about its plan to build a supreme court to oversee content moderation on its platform
on 17th of Sep 2019 Many argue tech companies have too much power to control speech online. This is Facebook’s response.

Facebook hopes its new Ray-Ban smartglasses will replace your smartphone
on 17th of Sep 2019 Facebook is reportedly entering the smartglasses market with its version of augmented reality eyeware — and it thinks they’ll be good enough to replace your phone. According to CNBC, Facebook has

Facebook Wants To Get On Your Couch: The Battle For Your Living Room
on 17th of Sep 2019 Creating a must-have consumer experience to bring Big Tech to TV and the living room is one of the ultimate goals of digital entertainment technology. Facebook is reportedly working on a new version

Facebook and Instagram earn Jicwebs brand-safety certification
on 17th of Sep 2019   CampaignLive

Facebook and Instagram have attained Jicwebs brand-safety accreditation after an audit of their advertising processes and how they adhere to the .

Is Facebook really concerned about privacy?
on 17th of Sep 2019   Columbia Journalism Review

WHY WOULD A COMPANY LIKE FACEBOOK Inc., which earns almost all of its revenue from advertising, choose to adopt an apparently anti-advertising .

Why is everyone so worried about Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency?
(Sep 2019)   The Independent

Facebook is once again in trouble with authorities, though this time it is for something that is yet to even happen. On Thursday, France said it would block any .

Facebook and Twitter cannot be allowed to police our politics
(Sep 2019)   Morning Star Online

FACEBOOK claimed today that a four-month-old post by the Morning Star’s international editor, stating nothing more than that Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan .

Roger McNamee: Facebook’s ‘business model of converting people’s lives into data is morally wrong’
(Sep 2019)   Channel 4 News

One man who worked closely with Zuckerberg as Facebook started out was Roger McNamee. He now profoundly disagrees with how the company is run.

Live from Jerusalem bus station bathrooms: Netanyahu’s election day on Facebook
on 17th of Sep 2019   The Times of Israel

PM takes to social media in increasingly frantic display imploring Israelis to vote for him or face the horrors of a ‘left-wing Arab government’

Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook Execs Asked to Hand Over Private Emails in U.S. House of Representatives Antitrust Probe
(Sep 2019)   Gizmodo UK

United States House of Representatives lawmakers probing Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon for potential antitrust violations have requested the .

Google argues Adobe, Amazon & Facebook prove it does not monopolise digital ads
(Sep 2019)   The Drum

Google has sought to see off critics who accuse it of presiding over a monopoly in the digital advertising space, by claiming that the sector is ‘crowded and .

Oculus Insight: how Facebook unplugged VR and opened virtual worlds to everyone
(Sep 2019)   TechRadar

We talk to Facebook Zurich about the challenges of making VR accessible, and its plans for the future of virtual reality.

Facebook Must Better Limit Its Face Surveillance
(Sep 2019)   EFF

Last week, Facebook started sending a small portion of its users a new notification about its face surveillance program, which concludes with two important .

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